Active Streets are for walking, biking, and running with people who live in the same house as you.
You can drive or park on an Active Street if you live there or if you’re delivering to a house on the street.
Stay at least 6 feet from people who don’t live in the same house as you and wear a cloth face covering if you can.

Where Are Active Streets & Parkways?

The streets and parkways below have been selected as pilot sites for the Active Streets Initiative. 

Parkways are managed by Milwaukee County Parks. As there are no homes on the selected Parkways, these will only be open to emergency and maintenance vehicles.

City streets are managed by the City of Milwaukee. These locations will have some traffic and parked vehicles, as access will still be open for those who live on the street. 

Custer Ave.

N. 64th St. to N. Sherman Blvd.

Fratney & Wright Streets

W. Meinecke Ave. to W. Keefe Ave.& 2nd St. to Gordon Park

Galena St. 

N. 40th St. to N. 14th St.
W. Cherry St.: N. 27th St. to N. 24th St.
N. 24th St.:W. Cherry St. to W. Galena St.
N. 14th St.:W. Juneau Ave. to W. Galena St.

Washington St.

Washington St.: S. 20th St. to S. Water St.

Humboldt Park Parkway

(2020 Active Streets Season Has Ended)

Estabrook Park Parkway

(2020 Active Streets Season Has Ended)

Root River Parkway in West Allis

Little Menomonee Park Parkway

Appleton Ave to Mill Rd.
(2020 Active Streets Season Has Ended)

What activities are ok?

Neighborhood residents can walk, bike, run, or wheel on these streets for exercise. Games, socializing, or congregating are prohibited as they do not allow for proper physical distancing and do not adhere to the guidance in the Safer at Home Order.

What if I live on the street? Will I be able to drive to my residence or park on my street?

Yes. All Active Streets, except for those in parks, will be open to local traffic only. If you live on the street you will be able to drive on the street and park on the street as needed, parking will not be impacted. Again, when driving on the street people are asked to drive with care and slow down and yield to people walking, biking, or running. Efforts should be made to find alternate driving routes whenever possible.


For information or questions about Active Streets on city streets, residents can email the City of Milwaukee at, or email their local Alder.

For questions about Active Streets on parkways reach out to Milwaukee County Parks at  with any feedback or to report issues.